Motif® Documentation

The Motif® documentation suite, direct from the Open Group.

All the Motif documentation is available as a portable document format (PDF) file, or Postscript file.

To display the PDF files, you'll need a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat or xpdf.

To display the Postscript files, you'll need a Postscript view, such as gv, ghostview, and/or ghostscript.

Motif Programmers Guide
PDF (9.8K) Postscript ( 24K) Preface
PDF ( 28K) Postscript ( 76K) Introduction to Motif
PDF ( 29K) Postscript ( 77K) The Motif Programming Model
PDF ( 37K) Postscript (116K) Structure of a Motif Program
PDF ( 23K) Postscript ( 69K) Structure of a Program Using UIL and MRM
PDF (194K) Postscript (401K) Basic Controls
PDF (225K) Postscript (493K) Menu and Options
PDF ( 17K) Postscript ( 49K) Dialogs
PDF ( 41K) Postscript (123K) Scrolling, Panes, Frames, Containers and Notebooks
PDF ( 48K) Postscript (147K) Compound Strings
PDF ( 23K) Postscript ( 72K) Text
PDF (717K) Postscript (1.4M) Internationalization
PDF ( 22K) Postscript ( 72K) Color and Pixmaps
PDF ( 46K) Postscript (160K) Input, Focus, and Keyboard Navigation
PDF ( 19K) Postscript ( 61K) Managing Geometry
PDF ( 27K) Postscript ( 80K) Graphics and Text in a Drawing Area
PDF ( 23K) Postscript ( 76K) Data Transfer with UTM
PDF (887K) Postscript (1.8M) Drag and Drop
PDF ( 23K) Postscript ( 74K) MWM and the ICCCM
PDF ( 10K) Postscript ( 29K) Printing
PDF (7.9K) Postscript ( 25K) The Motif Clipboard
PDF (2.0K) Postscript (7.9K) Data Transfer in the Motif Toolkit
PDF ( 18K) Postscript ( 50K) Glossary

Motif Programmer's Reference
PDF (9.6K) Postscript ( 23K) Preface
PDF ( 48K) Postscript (165K) Programs
PDF ( 68K) Postscript (254K) Xt Widget Classes
PDF (739K) Postscript (2.7M) Xm Widget Classes
PDF ( 11K) Postscript ( 34K) Translations
PDF ( 31K) Postscript (103K) Xx Data Types
PDF (867K) Postscript (2.6M) Xm Functions
PDF ( 43K) Postscript (128K) Mrm Functions
PDF (9.6K) Postscript ( 29K) Uil Functions
PDF (172K) Postscript (417K) File Formats
PDF (3.6K) Postscript ( 14K) Constraint Arguments and Automatically Created Children
PDF ( 51K) Postscript (160K) UIL Built-In Tables
PDF ( 28K) Postscript (111K) UIL Arguments
PDF ( 20K) Postscript ( 60K) UIL Dignostic Messages

Motif User's Guide
PDF ( 12K) Postscript ( 31K) Preface
PDF (236K) Postscript (484K) Introducing Motif
PDF (551K) Postscript (1.1M) Using the Motif Window Manager
PDF (2.9M) Postscript (5.9M) Interacting with Motif Applications
PDF ( 25K) Postscript ( 69K) Using Customization Features
PDF (210K) Postscript (447K) Customizing the Motif Window Manager
PDF ( 27K) Postscript ( 81K) Advanced Motif Window Manager Customization
PDF ( 21K) Postscript ( 62K) Customizing Motif Applications
PDF ( 21K) Postscript ( 85K) Motif Keyboard and Mouse Operations
PDF ( 16K) Postscript ( 48K) Glossary

Motif and CDE Style Guide
PDF ( 34M) Postscript ( 69M)

Motif and CDE Style Guide Reference
Postscript ( 41M)

Motif and CDE Style Guide Certification Checklist
PDF (303K) Postscript (838K)

Motif Widget Writer's Guide
PDF (1.1M) Postscript (3.8M)

Motif Glossary
PDF ( 70K) Postscript (199K)

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